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Destroy All Nuclear Weapons Worldwide

PLEASE SPARE YOUR FEW MINIUTES FOR SOMETHING WHICH IS REALLY RELEVANT. A letter to a fellow human. Dear, Quite often we think about how things those are sad around us and see the things which make us feel sick. It’s the same with me. Sometimes we even think about doing ‘something’ about it and then we quit the thought for the sake of our inevitable survival modus operandi. Quite often you have thought about the word ‘revolution’, haven’t you? But, feeling hopeless, helpless you suspend the picture. Exactly right there at that very point exists the spark. We just miss it by an ounce. It comes from my several experiences I have had with the system we all live in. Till now you are with me in this conversation. Now I am moving ahead, I have already moved ahead. Just above I spoke about that spark point…I have stretched it. I guess it is proportionate to the agony, despair and hopelessness I have been going through since last two decades. Then at that point of spark I recollected a theory…a very simple theory which system itself taught me: For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. And I realize I was wondering around bush for so many years spending my time reading philosophies, histories, understanding local, national and global politics. Trying hard was me to have my pain shouted, but nobody cared. Everybody was wondering around the bush I realize. With this thorough experience I decided to do my part. That’s what is important. My reaction is important. And your reaction to mine is important. That brings us together. And believe me together we can shout real loud. I have so much to say and tell to you but it would just end up deviating from my central concern. So I will directly land on to the focus. “What is needed, rather than running away or controlling or suppressing or any other resistance, is understanding fear; that means, watch it, learn about it, come directly into contact with it. We are to learn about fear, not how to escape from it..” Enough of escape and enough of ignorance. I think you all are wise people and you don’t want me to make you recollect the all those reasons of suffering, pain and helplessness caused to us due to the system. The system which is run by couple of people. We, the people give these couple of people the rights to our lives. They decide how we live, they decide how we behave and they decide how we die. These couple of people are power hungry (as we all are) and they design all their policies so as to remain in power. History proves that these bunch of people (from anarchist kings, false religious leader, to overambitious dictators) have always decided our fate. They made us fight sometimes over religion, sometimes over borders and funnily sometimes over to establish peace. Over billion of people have died due to the bunch of people’s ‘visionary’ policies. I will not blame West for bathing world in blood by wars nor I will blame east for being slavery attitude all the time. Everyone was I would say was sleeping. It’s time to wake up, unite & shout. It’s time to react. I will ring the bell. Our fate is in their hands. And if they make mistake in their policy this time…we see the extinction of entire human race. For your further information - Nine countries together possess more than 16,000 nuclear weapons. The United States and Russia maintain roughly 1,800 of their nuclear weapons on high-alert status – ready to be launched within minutes of a warning. Most are many times more powerful than the atomic bombs dropped on Japan in 1945. There is no point in sharing the information of which all these countries are and who all the leaders possess the power to ‘activate’ launch button. These guys definitely are not saints. They probably might be as cruel as Hitler or as maniac as the guy who killed Mahatma Gandhi. We never know. May be one day terrorist organization will get hold of this technology and start torturing us. We can not live in the fear of nuclear terrorism. Future will decide its villain. Before future decides the villain let’s be heroes. Let’s be revolutionaries…and mark my words this revolution is not for rights neither it is any nationalist movement. This is the question of human race. And no ‘one’ can eliminate us. It is time to create pressure points. We all together can do this and we all together have to do this. Enough of promises made, and well fooled we are till date. Now is the time to shout. Now is the time to unite. Now is the time for revolution! No more pseudo sense of self being an American , being a British, being a German or being an Indian. No more pseudo self esteem of being a Christian, Muslim, Jew or Hindu. We are just a beautiful individuals who refuse to stay in the terror of nuclear war. Because yes…I am afraid. Because yes…we all are afraid. No wonder I have started imagining apocalypse. I am sleepless. I am going to face this fear and master it. I pledge for Nuclear Weapon Free World. “I demand to Destroy All Nuclear Weapons Wordlwide. World War 3: I will never let it happen.” I appeal all of you to be with me in this unavoidable journey. I have founded a NGO (which is in a red tape process) called WORLD WAR 3. This is the official facebook page for it. LIKE. SHARE. STAY POSTED. STAY CONNECTED. STAY REVOLUTIONARY. For WW3, Rakesh Maurya (Founder & President) Shaillesh Tannu (Co-Founder) Facebook: Twitter: @DestroyNukes Email:

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